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Welcome to the myDVDEdit site

My hope is that myDVDEdit will be to DVD's what ResEdit is to programs on the Mac, a tool which allows you to understand and even to modify the content of a DVD, at the deepest level.
The format of a DVD is very complex. I have tried to make it as accessible as possible and have therefore left aside explaining some bits of information, which, although they are important in enabling the DVD to be read by the DVD player, are of no importance to anyone who simply wishes to understand the DVDs structure.

myDVDEdit cannot read protected DVD videos, and it will never be able to do so. It has not been created to violate copyrights. It was created to enable you to understand how DVDs work, to help you create new DVDs step by step, and make DVD changes which cannot be made with the traditional authoring tools.


WARNING: The use of myDVDEdit is done at your own risk. I cannot take any responsibility for any damage you inflict to your DVDs by using it. Always work on a copy of your VIDEO_TS folder and save your work regularly.

Because I have never had the official documentation on the format of DVDs, I have written this program solely from data collected on the Internet, from free sources, and from discussions on forums.

myDVDEdit has been entirely written in Cocoa. The software is in both French and English.

For the moment, myDVDEdit is a DonationWare. It is perfecty functional, and will never ask you to enter any code or license information. You can however support future development by making a donation.

Please do not hesitate to send me your comments, suggestions, or to report any problems with myDVDEdit on the relevant forum. You can also ask any questions there concerning myDVDEdit or the DVD format.

No questions will be answered by email.


©Copyright 2021 Jérôme Cabanis

Development history

0.9.8 (v35) 13/05/2006
  • Editing of buttons (HOWEVER: Not for editing the subpictures which are used by the buttons):
    - Adding/Deleting/Moving/Disabling buttons.
    - Changing button colors/opacities.
    - Modifying button commands.
    - Adding/removing/modifying button groups.
  • New design of the subpicture tab:
    - Display of the exact time of execution of each command sequence.
    - Display of all the subpictures in an object (there are sometimes many subpictures per track).
    - Display of the subpictures at each stage of the sequence of commands.
  • New remote control in debug mode:
    - New interface design.
    - New Title Menu button.
    - Subtitle, Audio, Angle, Chapter Menus (via the Menu button).
    - Selection of the Subtitle, Audio, Angle track.
    - Current Title/Chapter display.
    - Hour/minute/second clock display, from the start of the title/chapter, to the end of the title/chapter.
  • Frame of the Current button in yellow.
  • Change of the cursor when the mouse moves over a button.
  • Reconstruction of the VTS_TMAP table after the modification of a PGC Title.
  • Bug fix of the number of VTSTitles during the edit of a Jump VTSTitle in a VTS Menu.
  • Bug fix of inserting a new VTS Menu when there wasn't one before.
  • Bug fix of trap during the closing of a document under Mac OS X 10.3.
  • Bug fix of multi-angle management.

0.9.7 (v31) 07/01/2005
  • New Cells tab presentation.
  • Edition :
    - Delete Cells with undo.
    - Add/Insert Cell.
    - Duplicate Cell.
    - Move Cells inside a PGC.
    - Add/Delete Chapter.
    - Duplicate/Delete VTS Menu or VMG Menu.
    - Duplicate Titre with automatic correction of the branches to PGCs.
  • Command contextual menu.

0.9.6 (v30) 03/11/2005
  • VTS Menu and VMG Menu Add command.
  • Menu language Edition.
  • Number of commands in the command tab headers.
  • MPEG1 decoder fixes.
  • Number of PGC fix in the command editor.
  • Register display format preferences.
  • Links to the new website.

0.9.5 (v28) 07/05/2005
  • Tiger compatibility.
  • New Cells tab presentation.
  • More Cell parameter editing.
  • Show GOP (open/close) state.
  • Edit:
    - Dummy PGC Add command.
    - Delete Cell command.
  • Palettes preset, User definition palettes with save, (R%, G%, B%) color values.
  • PGC object selection (future use), selection size, selection menu.
  • Trash with unused object size (future use).
  • Check and fix of the Title Table at DVD open.
  • Free folder name (not necessarily VIDEO_TS).
  • Object Pack viewer (Packs).
  • Object navigation information viewer (PCI/DSI).
  • Command editor fixes.

0.9.1 (v23) 17/12/2004
  • Cell Parameters Editor.
  • Add Title Prohibited User Options to the Prohibited User Options tab.
  • Navigation: Move back to the previous positions.
    - In edit mode: Move to the 50 last PGCs.
    - In debug mode: to the 100 last commands with register restoration.
  • New key equivalence for Next Cell, Previous Cell, Next Object, Previous Object.
  • In debug mode, modified register display in red.
  • VMG_VTS_ATRT table update.
  • New menus give access to the myDVDEdit help and forum page.

0.9 (v22) 10/12/2004
  • Add DVD/IFO/PGC Parameters TAB.
  • General DVD parameters editor.
  • IFO parameters editor.
  • PGC informations editor.
  • Palette colors editor.
  • Prohibited User Options editor.
  • Register edition in debug mode.
  • MPEG data view (icon close by 16:9 icon).
  • Direct DVD Player launch from menu to test the current project.
  • Editor command fixes.
  • Warning when opening a read-only project. (no more save).
  • myDVDEdit launching by double-clic on IFO, BUP or VOB files.
  • few bugs fixe.

0.8 (v19) 03/11/2004
  • Command editor.
  • Moving of commands using drag&drop.
  • Add/delete commands.
  • Undo/Redo management.
  • DVD size display moved to the size table.
  • Accelerators (Cmd 1 to 7) for rapid access to the PGC tab.
  • Correction of Jump to a title without Cell, displayed as Not Found.
  • Correction of Set Register Mode command (SetGPRMMD).
  • Management of register counter mode.
  • Correction of subpictures display in debug mode.
  • Correction of the display type in PGC VMGM (title).
  • Modification of the display of Set Streams command (SetSTN).
  • Decoding of the SetAudioMixingMode and the SetHighlightedButton values.

0.7 (v14) 22/09/2004
  • Multiple-windows. Possibility to have lots of DVDs open.
  • Palette in (Y,Cr,Cb) or (R,G,B) depending on preference.
  • Correction of abnormal display of commands (French only).

0.6 (v13) 18/09/2004
  • Localization into French.
  • Correction of MPEG decoder (when MotionVector is present in I images).

0.5 (v12) 31/08/2004
  • Final name: myDVDEdit.
  • Correction of command disassembler anomaly.

0.4 (v11) 26/12/2003
  • Debug mode added:
    - Column breakpoints in the pre/post/cell commands tabs.
    - DVD preferences (language menu/audio/subtitles, region code selections).
    - Edit/Debug mode selector.
    - Remote control in debug mode.
    - Regs (registers) and System Regs added.
    - Debug menu.
  • Strings move to the localizable.strings file (for localization).
  • Button command execution by double-clicking on the screen.

0.3 (v10) 28/6/2003
  • Addition of an icon.
  • Management of subpictures (subtitles, menus)
    - Display of sub-titles.
    - Display of menu buttons along with all the information relating to the buttons (size, colors, associated commands).
    - Management of the different display modes (16:9, 4:3, letterbox, pan&scan).
  • Automatic displacement to another PGC by double-clicking on the connection instruction.
  • Prompt on impossible connections.
  • Correction of some language bugs.
  • Go menu for movement within different PGCs.
  • Display of information in VOBU (Object) by keeping the mouse on the text above the image.

0.2 (v8) 22/5/2003
  • MPEG decoder.

0.1 (v6) 6/5/2003
  • PGC decoder.

v1 to v5 (from 10/12/2002 to 15/05/2003)
  • various abandoned drafts.