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PostPosted: Thu 15 Sep 2005, 16:09 Reply with quote
Welcome to the website devoted to myDVDEdit.

Please take the time to read this document, as by following a few simple rules it will help you get the best from this site.

1) Read before you ask.
There is a full documentation on myDVDEdit which is regularly updated. Various tutorials will allow you to deepen your understanding of how it works.
Use the Search function as your question may already have been asked.

2) This forum is about myDVDEdit and the data layout of a DVD.
Questions about any other topics will be locked out or simply deleted from the forum.
Requests for serial numbers, links to sites with illegal content, or discussions about anything which is against the law, will be deleted from the forum without warning.
You must be the owner of the edited DVDs.

3) No insults will be tolerated. If you have a problem with any other member, please contact me.

4) The forum is bilingual French/English. Please be tolerant.
The site is designed so as to offer identical content in both languages.
When someone answers you in a language which is not his/her own, thank them for having made the effort to reply.
If you don't speak the language, use the instant translation tool provided. Even though the result is far from perfect, it helps makes communication easier.
Although I myself am French, and my English is average, I will always try and provide you with information in both languages.

5) Don't post the same message more than once. It's a waste of time.

6) Be patient. I am dealing with this forum on my own and I am not always available. If there is no reply within 24 hours, I may have gone on holiday.

7) Don't send any emails to me concerning topics discussed in the forums, I won't reply to them.

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