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Targeting the Loop Point
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Targeting the Loop Point
PostPosted: Sat 22 Oct 2005, 01:19      (5.00 with 1 vote)
Author:   Hal MacLean
French Translation:   Jérôme Cabanis
myDVDEdit Version:   0.9.5
Posted:   Sat 22 Oct 2005, 01:19
Last Updated:   Sat 22 Oct 2005, 01:19
Difficulty:   Low

Description:   When you make a DVD menu using DVD Studio Pro, the point at which the buttons appear can be set to loop over and over so that they stay on screen long enough for the viewers to make their choice. This is called the loop point.
In normal authoring you cannot use this point as a target when leaving other menus or tracks, but in post-build editing you can.

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