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(#30) incorrect "fixes" to vob sector numbers
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Author (#30) incorrect "fixes" to vob sector numbers
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Beta tester   

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PostPosted: Wed 22 Nov 2006, 02:17 Reply with quote
Type:  Bug Report
Last change:  Mon 11 Dec 2006, 13:30
State:  Closed Based on version:  0.9.8 (v35)
Level:  Low Fixed version:  0.9.9 (v39)

I use dvdauthor to create my dvds, and I've noticed that myDVDEdit always wants to change the vob sector numbers as recorded in the IFOs around offset 0xC0.

This only occurs when either a menu vob (VIDEO_TS.VOB or VTS_01_0.VOB) or title vob (VTS_01_1.VOB) doesn't exist. Namely, dvdauthor always makes the sector pointer point to the area where the vob would reside if it existed, and myDVDEdit always insists that the pointer should be zero in these cases.

Now, either way seems to be valid as far as I can tell. However, I recently ran across an actual bug. If there exists a menu vob but no title vob, myDVDEdit complains that "The first Title VOB sector number must be 0", but then it changes the menu vob sector pointer to 0 instead of the title pointer!

Personally, I would also appreciate it if myDVDEdit didn't insist on changing any pointers to zero (I trust dvdauthor to get that stuff right anyway).

Thanks, Jérôme, for a really great program! I'm quite impressed with it, and it's helped me understand dvd structure a lot better. Cool
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