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myDVDEdit 1.0
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myDVDEdit 1.0
PostPosted: Thu 19 Mar 2009, 01:27 Reply with quote

After a very long wait, myDVDEdit 1.0 is now available.


- VTS file Import
Copy of one IFO, the BUP, and all the corresponding VOB files from a source to the project folder with file name renumbering. Creation of new entries in the title Table (this can be disabled). Update of the number of VTS files.

- Title table management. (Cmd 8)
This table is in VMG and is the cause of many problems. When you delete a title, the corresponding title entry is cleared and that can cause the DVD to become unreadable in DVD players.
Now you can add, remove or set any title entry to the correct VTSTitle. This can be very useful if you replace all VTS files in a project with others containing a different title structure.
Unreferenced VTSTitles are displayed.
I have removed the creation of the special automatic 'Delete title' PGC. Too many problems with it.

- New VTS_xx_0.IFO files are now automatically detected on an open project and the corresponding number of VTS are corrected.

- Bookmarks management. New Bookmarks menu.
A bookmark can be added at any position, in edit mode or in debug mode. In debug mode, debug information is stored as well.
If debug information is available, the menu is marked with a debug mark (a bug).
In edit mode, execute the menu with the Alt key to run the debugger from the bookmark position.

- General registers can now be named.

- New Project Properties window, with the possibility to change the name of the registers, set an image for the project (compatible with QuickLook) and set a comment.

- New error log dialog box presentation on open project.

- New preferences panel.
- In preferences, new option to restore open projects on startup.
- Breakpoints can be saved.

- Sector number bug fix. 32K GAPS are now generated.
In the DVD Video format, .IFO and .BUP files must not be too close to each other on the disk, to ensure that, if the .IFO sector is bad, the player would still have a chance of reading the .BUP file. For this reason, if no VOB files are present (or are too small), a 32Kb GAPS is generated.

- New menu: Test with VLC.
- New Menus with key accelerators for navigation in debug mode.
In debug mode, Arrow keys and the Return key can be now used to navigate in menus.
- New menu Reset in debug mode.
To restart the debugger from FirstPlay without having to quit the debug mode.

- Multiple Cells selection.
- Multiple PGCs selection.
- Multiple Titles selection.

- Drag&drop a DVD folder onto the myDVDEdit icon now opens the project.

- Display of illegal Goto commands.
- New icons for IFO, VOB and BUP files. File description localization.

- Bug fix: Command editor, bad code generation in some situations.
In previous versions, Jump VMG Menu Title was badly generated and could cause DVD players to freeze.
- Bug fix: Bad background display with Leopard.
- Bug fix: Bad title numbers on title deletion.
- Bug fix: #39, #52, #53, #55, #56, #58, #60, #61,#62.

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