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Rearranging Titles in VOBs and putting Chapter Marks
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PostPosted: Sun 19 Jul 2009, 00:08 Reply with quote

Lastely I had 5 Titels spread over 2 sets of VOB files but wanted to have just on VOB file set.

I also wanted to have Chapter Marks every 5 minutes.

Here s a short description of what I did to achieve my goal.

Software required:

  1. Mac The Ripper - You should easily find out where to get it
  2. ffmpegX -
  3. dvdauthor -

The process goes like this:

  1. With Mac The Ripper I extracted every single title of the DVD, giving me several VOB files, one for each title. These VOB files can't be used for authoring a new DVD so we need to process them a bit more
  2. With ffmpegX I converted the VOB files to a DVD. This will do a bit more work than actually required. I simply need the .mpg file which is created in between, but I couldn't figure out how to achieve that. After this step you will have an .mpg file and a DVD directory for each title. Trash the DVD directory
  3. With dvdauthor one can now create the DVD structure one wants.
    An example. Create a file "dvdstructure.xml" like this:

      <vmgm />
            <pre> jump vmgm menu 1; </pre>
           <pgc><vob file="MSCuM - 21.mpg"
             <post> jump title 2; </post>
           <pgc><vob file="MSCuM - 22.mpg"
           <post> jump title 3; </post></pgc>
           <pgc><vob file="MSCuM - 23.mpg"
           <post> jump title 4; </post></pgc>
           <pgc><vob file="MSCuM - 24.mpg"
           <post> jump title 5; </post></pgc>
           <pgc><vob file="MSCuM - 25.mpg"
           <post> call vmgm menu 1; </post></pgc>

    If you look carefully at this example, you will recognize the structure you know from using myDVDEdit.

    the <titleset> is the "VTS #" from myDVDEdit. <menus> is the "VTS Menu #" and <titles> the "VTS #".

    The <pgc>s are also known from myDVDEdit and the <post> is a pgc's "Post cmds" tab. In this case each title will link to the next title and the last one to the title menu.

    Be warned: This is NOT a full featured DVD structure. You need to either add something more to it (which goes beyond my knowledge) or you need to postprocess the resulting output with myDVDEdit (like I do).
  4. In the terminal enter
    dvdauthor -o myDVD -x dvdstructure.xml

    and it will create a myDVD Folder containing the usual VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders.

I hope this short instruction is helpful for some of you.
Please bear with me if I occasionally swap z and y. At home I have a german keyboard and at work I have to use an american/uk one.
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