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(#90) How difficult would it be to add a "Save As" comma
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Author (#90) How difficult would it be to add a "Save As" comma

Joined: 21 Jul 2009
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PostPosted: Thu 13 Aug 2009, 02:47 Reply with quote
Type:  Improvement
Last change:  Thu 13 Aug 2009, 02:47
State:  New Based on version:  1.0 (v54)
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I'm using myDVDEdit to extract "main/single title only" DVDs; something which, bizarrely, no other Mac app seems to support. (They all insist on re-encoding or on only extracting a VOB.)

Movies are generally straightforward, but extracting multiple episodes of a TV show from a single disc can be tedious; for N episodes, you need to make N copies of the entire disc, then for each copy, delete everything except the title you want, and Save (which adds up to another full copy, assuming you're splitting VOBs).

With a "Save As" you could Open the full disc, do the deletions, Save As a single-title disc, then re-Open the full disc and repeat. Far less copying.

Not a big deal by any means; I just thought I'd ask.
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Joined: 18 Jul 2005
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PostPosted: Sat 15 Aug 2009, 12:05 Reply with quote

I'm working on a move/copy function to copy a Title/Cell from a DVD to a other.

It's not exactly what you're asking for but you could do the same thing with it.

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