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change the action at the end of a chapter
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PostPosted: Wed 31 Mar 2010, 13:58 Reply with quote

Hello, may be this question was asked before, in this case Im sorry, but Im in some kind of a hurry.

I use iLife 09. What I like to do is: Create a movie in iMovie, name chapters, export it to iDVD - this works presently fine with no problems. iDVD takes the chapter structure and builts menus.

However, the chapters are playing one after the other. what i like to have, is, that after each chapter, the movie jumps to the DVD menu of the above menu.

My questions is: Is that possible to programm with Your software an how and is this, if its possible, not to difficult for a beginner in apple usage.

Thank You for Your help in advance.


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PostPosted: Mon 05 Apr 2010, 15:04 Reply with quote

Select your Title PGC.
Select the Cell Cmds tab and add the command
Link TailPgc

Select the Cells tab and for each cell, open it (click on the small triangle) and set the command to command 1.

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