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Extract Pgc and make continuous looped dvd
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PostPosted: Wed 14 Jul 2010, 11:35 Reply with quote


Urgent question -- I am so sorry to be asking what has probably been asked many times. But in my general incompetence/very beginning of learning how to use this amazing programme, I am not even able to find what topic refers to this question!

I have a DVD with menu and chapters (it is of my work, but someone else made it -- all legal). I have copied the VIDEO_TS folder on my computer and opened it on MyDVDEdit.

On the left, under 'All PGCs', the following headers appear: First Play, VMG Menu en (English), VTS Menu 1 (en), VTS 1, VTS Menu 2 en (English), VTS 2...and so forth until VTS 7.

The only files I want are PGCs 1 to 6 of VTS 1. I need to make a DVD which plays these continuously and on a loop, and that I can play on a DVD player.

Could you let me know how to do this? I am SO grateful! (exhibition on today and I need to play this!) Merci!

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PostPosted: Thu 15 Jul 2010, 15:14 Reply with quote

Sorry, wasn't here yesterday.

The faster
remove all Pre-commands and post-commands of PGC 1 to PGC 6.
in Post-commands of PGC 1, add the command Link PGC2
in Post-commands of PGC 2, add the command Link PGC3
in Post-commands of PGC6, add the command Link PGC 1

save, burn
play the DVD and select the good Title.

To stop the loop, press the remote device Menu button.

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