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(#11) Stream number display in debug mode
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Author (#11) Stream number display in debug mode

Joined: 21 Feb 2006
Posts: 5

PostPosted: Tue 21 Feb 2006, 13:14 Reply with quote
Type:  Bug Report
Last change:  Mon 30 Oct 2006, 14:13
State:  Closed Based on version:  0.9.6 (v30)
Level:  Low Fixed version:  0.9.7 (v31)

Hi Jérôme,

In version 0.9.6 you changed the assigned number of the first streams for both audio and subpicture from 1 to 0. While I welcome this change as the numbering became more consistent with the majority of DVD tools, since this change myDVDEdit during debugging no longer shows the number of the selected streams in the lower-right corner. Instead of for example 0:English it now displays :English.

Because of the still present colon character I'm wondering if you meant for this change to happen or that it occurred as a side effect of the adjusted streams' starting number? In any case I would really appreciate it if you could restore the original behaviour in an upcoming version. It might not seem very useful at first, but a lot of DVD's have multiple subpictures of the same language with one being a normal subtitle and the other a closed caption subtitle; so you need the number in order to know which one is activated. The same applies to director's comments audio tracks in the same language as the standard audio stream.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I like myDVDEdit, especially because I keep discovering undocumented features that happen to behave exactly the way I supposed they would. But for me the best part is the Human Interface; it's so much better than that of the Windows tools!
Regards, Vincent van 't Zand
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Joined: 18 Jul 2005
Posts: 466
Location: France

PostPosted: Tue 21 Feb 2006, 13:29 Reply with quote

Hi vovtz.

Thanks, I didn't see that.
Yes, it's just a bug.
More than to become more consistent with the majority of DVD tools, this change was to have the same stream number in the commands and in the PGC information.

As I have just changed all the debug control panel, this information desapeared, but as you find it usefull, I will put it back.

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