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myDVDEdit 0.9.8
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myDVDEdit 0.9.8
PostPosted: Tue 21 Mar 2006, 21:24 Reply with quote

I'm back after more than two months of hard work.
Originally, I envisaged not adding anything before the 1.0 version, but the surfacing of various bugs has forced me to bring out an intermediate version.

Here is a list of the main developments:

    - Editing of buttons (HOWEVER: Not for editing the subpictures which are used by the buttons).
        - Adding/Deleting/Moving/Disabling buttons.
        - Changing button colors/opacities.
        - Modifying button commands.
        - Adding/removing/modifying button groups.
    - New design of the subpicture tab.
        - Display of the exact time of execution of each command sequence.
        - Display of all the subpictures in an object (there are sometimes many subpictures. per track).
        - Display of the subpictures at each stage of the sequence of commands.
    - New remote control in debug mode.
        - New interface design
        - New Title Menu button.
        - Subtitle, Audio, Angle, Chapter Menus (via the Menu button).
        - Selection of the Subtitle, Audio, Angle channels.
        - Current Title/Chapter display.
        - Hour/minute/second clock display, from the start of the title/chapter, to the end of the title/chapter.
    - Frame of the Current button in yellow.
    - Change of cursor shape when the mouse moves over a button.
    - Reconstruction of the VTS_TMAP table after the modification of a PGC Title.
    - Bug fix of the number of VTSTitles during the edit of a Jump VTSTitle in a VTS Menu.
    - Bug fix of inserting a new VTS Menu when there wasn't one before.
    - Bug fix of trap during the closing of a document under 10.3
    - Bug fix of multi-angle management.


I hope that you'll like the new features. I know that a lot of you were waiting to be able to modify the button commands. This new editor is the start of being able to modify the VOB files, and it will give you a taste of what myDVDEdit will soon be able to do.

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