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I want to see my DVD in 16:9!
By Jérôme Cabanis
English Translation by Annette Appleton
For myDVDEdit version 0.9
Last updated: Sat 19 Nov 2005, 00:09

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The problem

You spent the weekend with your family filming the kids playing, or the little cat having a nap, using your brand new digital video camera, and to make the scenes look more professional, you decided to use the 16:9 function on the camera.

Then you spent the evening editing your film and creating a DVD using the brilliant tool that is iDVD.

Except that, once the DVD is recorded, you go and watch it on your 16:9 television, also new, and when you expected to see this:

Instead, you see....... this:

Of course, it's not a real problem because you can take your remote control and change the display format so that your television goes from 4:3 to 16:9. However, it's still very annoying, especially when you then watch a commercial DVD, where the screen automatically goes into 16:9.

Worse still, when you watch your DVD on your bedroom 4:3 television, you get this:

And in this instance, there is nothing you can do, your television can't change the display format. But wouldn't it be so much better if you could get this:

Well, cheer up, because myDVDEdit will allow you to easily correct this fault.

The Solution

Before you burn your DVD, first save it as a disc image and then mount this on your hard drive. You will then see a folder called VIDEO_TS which you will be able to open in myDVDEdit.

The different films that you have edited are in the VTS files.

Start by selecting VTS 1.

Next, display the VTS 1 parameters by clicking on the vertical IFO tab.

If you look at the Video parameters, you will probably see the Aspect parameter is positioned on 4:3.

Modify it by positioning it on 16:9 auto Letterbox. Like this, not only will the image appear in 16:9 on screen, but it will also automatically change to letterbox on a 4:3 screen.

You can straightaway see the result on the screen. You can also check the DVD by launching DVD player directly from the File/Test with DVD player menu.

Then it just remains to repeat the same operation for all the VTSs containing 16:9 video, and to burn your DVD with Toast, or any tool allowing you to burn DVDs in DVD-video format from a VIDEO_TS folder. Be careful, don't make the mistake of burning in the DVD-Rom format, your home DVD player won't be able to read it.

© Copyright 2020 Jérôme Cabanis
All rights Reserved

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